Yep, it’s some maps about poop

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while.

It should go without saying that things have been pretty garbage lately–out in the world and closer to home. I haven’t had much excitement for dataviz recently.

But for you, loyal readers, I have returned with a wonderful treat: a dozen maps about poop and farts! (And other medical conditions most often left between a person and their Google search bar)


All data from Google’s symptom search trends dataset.

Poop and Farts

Southern Louisiana should consider adding more fiber to their diet–and ex-lax ought to take note

All the rest of ’em

Is acne just a big-city problem?
I just love that Florida and Clark County, NV (home of Las Vegas) light up on this map
Not sure what’s going on in Wisconsin but I’ll be sure not to visit


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