One year as a dataviz journalist

I just hit my one-year anniversary as a viz journalist at Axios, and wow, what a ride.

I guesstimate that I edit or create 10-12 pieces of viz a week. Heavy days can have 5-8 alone. That’s a lot of visualizing!

Disappointingly–and unsurprisingly–that means that I’ve got correspondingly less energy to work on viz outside of work, and this blog has kind of languished. To perk things up around here, I’d like to share some of the visuals I’ve made at work over the past year that I’m particularly proud of.

My first byline came a few weeks into the job, with this bubble chart about Congress.

Surprising nobody, I’ve also made a ton of maps at Axios. I particularly like working with climate data, as it’s usually pretty detailed and lends itself to nicely detailed maps!

I’ve also done some non-climate maps (varying wildly in seriousness)

And some fun non-map visualize sneak in once in a while, too

Here’s to another year of making fun viz with an awesome team! And hopefully I’ll squeeze in a few personal projects as well.

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